How It Works

The creation of your custom sculpture is an intricate practice, however getting started is easier than you may think. After viewing some of the different samples seen in our gallery, you may have noticed that Yuri is very versatile in his craft.

You may want more of an abstract piece, so that the sculpture can evoke many different feelings and emotions of the viewer. On the other hand, you may want a more realistic figure, a piece that is commemorating a person or thing that is close to your heart.

It is also important to understand the placement of the sculpture. Are you planning to have it displayed in such a way that it can be viewed from more than one angle? Or, for example, would you rather have a sculpture that can be placed on a podium in the corner of a room.

If you’re not exactly sure of what you desire, you can just as easily compare your idea with some of Yuri’s existing works in the gallery. Your idea can be collaborated with the piece you relate to the most.

Please contact us by filling out the form in the contact section of our website, you may also email us at Our goal is to bring your imagination to life. The way YOU see it!