Yuri E. Firsov was born in Russia. He is a member of the Sculptor's Society of Canada and Artist's Association of Russia, currently with studios in Canada as well as Russia.

 Yuri E. Firsov's professional career started in Russia. In 1988 he received a Master of Fine Arts in Sculpture at the prestigious St. Petersburg V.I. Mukhina Arts Academy after graduating from the V.A. Serov Collage of Art (St. Petersburg, 1978) and Art School (Vladimir, 1974).

During that time he took active part in national and international exhibitions. In 1978 Yuri won first prize in a St. Petersburg competition for the best memorial commemorating children that perished in war.  In 1987 Yuri also went on to win first prize in a St. Petersburg competition for the best monument honoring Alexander Nevsky. Yuri continued with his success once again winning first prize in 1987 for “best design project honoring Pilot Chekalov” (pictured in the portfolio section).    

Since arriving in Canada in 1991, he has won recognition for his works exhibited in Toronto, New York, Washington and Paris –Sculptures such as "Rudolf Nureyev in Le Corsair" and "Rudolf Nureyev" were highly acclaimed and admired in Canada, the United States, Europe and Russia as well as by "The Rudolf Nureyev Foundation" in Chicago and Switzerland and "Circle Amis Rudolf Nureyev' in Paris. Yuri went on to win first prize in a Toronto competition commemorating this amazing dancer.

 "I am amazed by your talent! My very best wishes", said Vladimir Malakhov, the best dancer in the world of 1997, when he received a gold copy of the "Rudolf Nureyev in Le Corsair" sculpture.

Yuri's works are currently displayed in museums and private collections throughout Russia, Europe and North America.